How To Eat Sushi

Sirs, let me tell you how to eat sushi.

1. Pick up and eat rolls with your hands. They are, after all, wrapped in seaweed.

2. Only eat ginger between bites, in order to cleanse your palate.

3. Wasabi should only be added lightly, if at all. Do not mix it with your soy sauce.

4. Eat a piece of nigiri (the typical piece of fish laid on an oval of rice) with your hands or with chopsticks. If you use chopsticks, turn the piece sideways on the board first, so that you can dip the fish, and not the rice, in the soy sauce.

5. Like I said, don't dip the rice in the soy sauce.

6. Eat sashimi, the plain pieces of fish, with chopsticks.