8 Happy Food Alliterations

Today the fickle finger of fate ordained that I would stumble across the happy phrase "tomato tasting" when I saw a link to this article on my Facebook feed. Hmmm...tomato tasting. That sounds happy-making. The word tomato is so round and fleshy and young. The word taste just bursts in your mouth at that second t, making me picture a pop of juice and jelly and seeds as I say it.

The delight I found in that phrase I hope is now yours too, and in a bid to prolong our joy I submit to you a list of eight standard yet beautiful food-related alliterations.

Melt in your mouth. Whether you picture butter or cheese or ribs or pancetta or cream, may the fat be with you. For fat dissolves delightfully in buccal bliss, seeking to spread its joy to every joint and juncture, every nook and cranny, of thy melty mouth. Melt on, sweet fats. Melt on.

Yes, I know this is prosciutto.
If you bring up chocolate I punch you.

Feast or famine. Feast, please. But if it be famine, let this alliteration remind us of the cycle. Post famine, feast.

Bread and butter. There is hardly a simpler food, and hardly a more satisfying. Bread of heaven, bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more. And be generous with the salted butter, if it pleases thee.

Two peas in a pod. Aw, that's adorable. And I love adorable. There is nothing more snuggly than two peas in a pod. By the way, my wife's no sweet pea, she's Champion of England.

Sing for your supper. Little Tom Tucker sings for his supper. What shall we give him? White bread and butter. How shall he cut it without a knife? How will he be married without a wife? This nursery rhyme has three instances of alliteration. Let's go with "How will he wed without a wife?" Now we have four.

Cool as a cucumber. Cooool is one of the nicest and best words in the English language. Think of the several ways in which you can say that "oo" phoneme, and the different shadings each iteration introduces. Choose any of those iterations. Now say "cucumber". Feels good, doesn't it? Yeah. Yeah, it does. Don't get too excited, though. Keep it cool, bro.

Sunny side up. Is ever more cheerful a kitchen than when an egg is being fried sunny side up? Serve up thy morning with a cup of joyful joe, and a runny egg colored like the burnished skin of the solar faeries who rolicking frolick in the core of the sun.

Wet your whistle. Have a beer with some happy. Cheers.