Poem: My Darling Sin

All her slain are a mighty throng. Her house is the way to Sheol.

I looked out through my lattice window and saw a foolish youth,
A man who'd left his young wife's pillow for a wanton woman's noose.

At twilight in the evening dark, on her corner's hidden street,
Behold, the woman met her mark, then wiped her mouth, replete.

She seized him, she kissed him, loud said "I pay my vows.
To God I'm surely clean of sin, pray lie my couch right now."

All at once he followed her, an ox going to the slaughter.
Her brazen mouth she made demure, she trapped him when he caught her.

I looked out through my window bleak and knew just what I saw.
For I had left my wife to seek the temptress's open maw.

My chamber's got a Darling Sin, I kiss her on the mouth.
I brought her home, then locked her in, made a prison of my house.

If you end up on that woman's bed, when she is done with you,
O fly from there, and when you've fled, then go your vows renew.

Go sacrifice, and make a prayer, and plead for your God's grace.
Or Darling Sin will catch you fair, emprisoned in her embrace.