Links I Loved This Week, May 9 2014

A new report argues that humans have handled even greater rising water levels before and been just fine. We are urged to stop King Canuteing it with our bizarre global warming policies. (Link)

The Baby Tree tells kids where babies come from so parents don't have to. (Link)

A critique of youth sports culture, in all the glory of its competitiveness, specialization, and Fear Of Missing Out. (Link)

Was NBA Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson fired for his Christian beliefs on homosexuality and marriage? Ann Killion at SFGate thinks he might have been. (Link) Jackson is unhappy that his firing hit Twitter while he was still in the office getting fired. (Link)

Rudyard Kipling's eighteen-year-old son vanished on a Great War battlefield. Kipling and his wife were never the same. (Link)


  1. I like Kiplings writings, but never before has he moved me to tears ...


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