Here's Why The Sudanese Apostasy Woman Deserves Death

By now you've surely read somewhere of the Christian Sudanese doctor, married to an American, who has been condemned to death for apostasy. Two years after she gives birth to her second child, whom she is pregnant with now, she will be hung by the neck until dead.

She is, under the law, guilty. That is because, even though she was raised as a Christian by a Christian mother, her father was Muslim. So any babies he gat on Christian women are Muslim. Even, say, if he left the family when his daughter was six.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, the apostate, is with her son in prison. Her husband is barred from seeing her, and was barred from the trial. He is a Christian, so their marriage is invalid. In fact, Mrs. Ibrahim has also been sentenced to 100 lashes for committing adultery.

This article has some good quotes from her lawyer. She had been given a chance to recant, but refused. Now the court must regrettably do what it has to do. Can't say they didn't give her a chance.

As a Christian, you may find this standard to which only women are held repulsive. Mrs. Ibrahim's adultery is the same as her father's. But her father's was okay, as the proverb from Islamic law that I quote below will show you. Mrs. Ibrahim's father was doing a good thing, by foisting more Muslim babies on Christian women.

So remember, if this situation ever bothers you, try to see it from the perspective of Muslim culture and Islamic law, and hum this little ditty to yourself:

A Muslim father's beamin'
When his oh-so-muslim semen
Fertilizes Christian ova,
Even when the marriage is ova.
For when Christian bellies swell
That seed has Mohammed's spell.
By dad's beard and by his jizz,
That new-made soul for Allah is!

So you see, this verdict is a consistent, coherent, and just verdict. The magic's in the Muslim seed.

P.S. Little side-note. Mrs. Ibrahim's husband is American. He has appealed for help from the U.S. government. So far, according to him, the only response has been a request from the U.S. embassy in Khartoum for Mr. Ibrahim to provide DNA evidence that he is his child's father.