Name This Cocktail

Mes amis, I have created a cocktail. Now I need your help naming it. I'm posting a how-to video on my channel this Friday, but I'd like to do that with the drink's name firmly decided. I've already gotten some good suggestions on the YouTubes, but would love to have the blog-Facebook side of Giant readers represented as well.

It uses preserved lemons, which are both sweet and salty, with just a touch of bitter. The ingredients are vodka, crushed ice, sugar, soda water, and the preserved lemons, which are well-muddled. You can even make a dirty one of these by adding a bit of the brine. It's super refreshing, but pretty salty, which is fun.

Name ideas? Lay 'em on me.


  1. Here's a barely-filtered one-man brainstorm session:

    Salty Citrus
    Brine Splash
    Briney Delight
    Brackish Sour
    Lemon Lick
    Lemon Shaker
    Pirate Lemonade
    Pegleg Lemonade
    Mermaid Tea

    1. The word "brackish" would be awesome to use. I like several of these...

  2. Replies
    1. That one would be fun to say at someone.

  3. Joffka lemon - which would open up the possibilities of naming any similar based cocktail with any other fruit preserve you might experiment with after downing a few of them.


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