Thanks For Supporting My Wonderful Wife!

People of earth, you have loved my wife and we are grateful!

Kimberly is a painter by training, but once she started churning out my babies, she was only able to dabble in her passion/profession. In October of last year we prayerfully decided that we'd be able to regularly give her time away in her studio. She now very happily paints two or three days a week.

During the years she wasn't able to paint she turned her hands to more "craftsy" things, things she could do with all the kidlets running around. She started sowing more, which affected how she did her "fine art". A couple of years ago she produced a couple of pieces combining fabric collage and painting.

She now works almost exclusively in these mixed media collages.

The thanks to you come into play here. Kimberly announced she'd be selling her paintings only three or four months ago, and in that time she has sold eleven pieces (at least, I'll have to double-check with wifey to be sure I didn't forget one or two). Two of them were sold on commission. That's a lot of pieces.

Obviously I think my wife is awesome, and I kind of expect you to recognize that as well. I still retain enough of a sense of objectivity to realize that not everyone is as impressed with her as I. But you are. You bought her paintings! Thank you.

Here are some of the painting she sold. If you're reading this and you're not familiar with her, check out her Facebook (through which you can buy) or her storenvy.


  1. She is so talented, I'm so glad she's able to do this now. Yay, Kim!


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