Smoking With A Cigar Holder

I own three cigar holders. One was a gift, and is fancier-shmancier than the other two. If you can believe that a cigar holder can look workmanlike, I will tell you that my other two holders are workmanlike. The fancy-shmancy one is pictured above.

When choosing a cigar to smoke with your holder, try to know the ring gauge. And whether you know it or not, but especially if you don't, buy a torpedo. That way when you cut the cigar you can cut it to exactly the size it needs to be to fit in snugly.

I've had a couple of cigars drop out of the holder into my lap, which is an unpleasant experience. This does not happen with torpedoes, though, only with rounded-end cigars that I've tried to ram into the holder.

Because this has happened to me a couple of times, I am now unable to fully enjoy the cigar holder experience. I love the clean feel, the fact that I can grip my cigar between my teeth without making it soggy, the hands-free action. But I smoke in fear that the cigar will fall out. Even when the fit is perfect, I think constantly on whether the cigar will fall or not.

I must show greater strength of mind. Everything about the experience should be enjoyable, but I am weak.

Oh reader, I am curious. Did you even know cigar holders existed?