Review of Planta Aromatic Pipe Tobaccos. Yes. Every Single One In One Sweeping Review.

Well, that was easy. I give an opinion on every single Planta tobacco, and it's the same one.

You might be thinking that I dismiss them, but I don't. Caveat: I haven't had every single Planta aromatic. As of posting I've had the MMVI (pear), MMVII (berries), and MMX (chocolate-hazelnut-Nutella thing).

The MMVI pear aromatic is actually my favorite aromatic of all time, a flowery-fruity thing that doesn't bite or hide the quality of the tobacco, mostly virginias with burley and cavendish added.

The other two are a little more intense in a typical aromatic way, but here's what I've decided about Planta's line based on those three.

1. The tobacco is good.
2. They don't bite.
3. They are very aromatic in the smell sense, which is good, but not too sweet/syrupy in taste, which is also good.

So there you go. Recommended, especially if you enjoy aromatics.