Review of Devil's Choice Mustache Wax

(You can watch a video review below.)

Today I tried The Devil's Choice mustache wax from Boston Beard Works, which urges me to "grow your horns".

It was very well packaged, including a plastic seal around the tin that I appreciated. I expected to see a smooth, creamy top to the wax when I opened it, but it was slightly clumpy. The visual was slightly reminiscent of the jagged look ice cream gets when it melts but you refreeze it.

When I scraped a bit of the wax onto my fingers, it did indeed come out clumpy, but unlike some clumpy waxes I've seen, had good tackiness and felt like it would have good hold.

I warmed and worked it between my fingers well, but the wax didn't smooth out very much. You can see in the video how it clumped. I applied it to the tips first, which seemed to work well enough, then worked it into the body of my mustache. There it also clumped up, but I was able to comb it out easily.

I took these two pictures immediately after applying the wax. You can see that the mustache has a pretty decent sweep, which is all I usually require for how I wear my mustache. I usually don't narrow the tip a la evil mastermind. However, these past couple of weeks I have been. So I was disappointed that Devil's Choice underperformed there.

You might also be able to tell that my left side was a little pointier. There was still some wax in the mustache from the previous day, and that's the side I don't drool on when I sleep. Just so you know that I wasn't working with a virginal beard.

I give Devil's Choice a B. It performs well enough, but doesn't have the hard creaminess it takes to be able to perform all mustache wax duties. It will keep its place in my beard kit as a body wax when I'm touching up the 'stache, but I'll continue to get my form from other waxes.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! The mixture is actually around a 1.5-2:1 ratio beeswax to other oils.

    1. There were a couple different natural products I used to make it. One had frankincense, myrrh, and chamomile essential oils and another had orange oil. The remainder of the mix is a highly guarded secret. These along with that incredibly strong natural honey aroma of that local beeswax is what I attribute the smell to.

    2. Is that what you were wanting to know?


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