Review: Handmade Reformed Catechism Books

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Allow me to endorse to you The Purple Carrot.

Mary Lee of The Purple Carrot fame is the wife of a former elder of ours in Florida, who is now resident in California. They have the passel of children that is usual with Reformed families, theirs being particularly handsome. And they catechize these children of theirs, which is a holy, wise, and constructive thing to do.

They catechize them with The Purple Carrot products: handsome hand-made copies of the Catechism for Young Children, the Westminster Shorter, and the Heidelberg. (Let my product endorsement begin!)

Catechization is an important and integral part of Christian education. When our kids reach a certain age we buy them their own Bibles, but the idea of having individual copies of the Westminster Shorter Catechism for each child hadn't occurred to us until we got our little cloth-bound beauty in the mail.

If you want to see a little more of the book, watch my video embedded below. You can find Mary Lee's Etsy store here.

Each book is different, with different covers, binding, and fonts. She also sells blank books to be used as journals, as well as other random-cool hand-made stuff. Go on, visit her Etsy.