"If the curriculum doesn’t change, Ellis plans to remove his daughter from sexual education classes."

"If the curriculum doesn’t change, Ellis plans to remove his daughter from sexual education classes."

That's the takeaway from a local Foxnews story out of Shawnee, Kansas.

Dad saw a picture of a poster at the school and thought it was a prank. When he called the school, he discovered it was part of the curriculum. His daughter is thirteen years old.

Very little about this surprises me, except perhaps that anal sex is listed before masturbation and "vaginal intercourse" (what an amazing term), and the list is clearly not in alphabetical order. They're all pretty much the same, from "talking" to "grinding".

Here's what surprises me every time even though it shouldn't. It's a testament to the efficacy of the state's brainwashing regarding education. The father's big plan in response to this outrage is to take his daughter out of the class. Not out of the school, mind you. Just go sit in the library and wait for the next wholesome class.


  1. No mention of "penis" or "penetration." Why not? I mean, they ran the gamut of sexual vocabulary but left out anything specifically masculine.

  2. hahaha.... chris... i feel as if my sexual expression has been limited...

    wait? whats that you say? oh....God limits my sexual expression as well... within the bounds of blissful marriage? what absolute absurdity!!!! *sarcasm*

    i am not surprised. when God is not the basis of a culture or system, in this case the education of our children, it can only be expected that a perverted view of sex SHOULD and WOULD be taught. I expect nothing less, and i am not surprised in the least bit. I do not hold a pagan nation/institution to any higher standards than the ones they have set for themselves.

  3. How can anyone think this is appropriate for a 13 year old in any context?
    And why would any of this be relevant for a sex ed class. Much less an abstinence based one?
    What's wrong with just teaching kids human reproduction in biology? Maybe cover the types of contraceptives (with fail rates) and leave it at that? That is entirely neutral.

    The more I read about schools in this country the more I want to homeschool


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