Homeschool Barbie™

Here's a blog post that homeschoolers of every ilk will find joy in. Even "Secular Homeschooler Barbie" brought back happy memories, of my time being homeschooled in Berkeley, California.

It's Homeschool Barbie™! You can check out the post here, or just enjoy this excerpt.
As homeschooling has grown in popularity, there's a Barbie™ to meet every need. The Protestant Christian version comes with a miniature Bible (the complete King James version!) and will recite Scripture verses when her hand is pressed. Catholic Homeschool Barbie™ wears a crucifix, chapel veil, and can lead your children in praying the Rosary (in your choice of Latin or English) when her hands are placed together. Secular Homeschool Barbie™ comes complete with a grain mill and Birkenstocks™, and shares her favorite home remedies & recipes with a pat on the back. All three dolls include a variety of Math curricula with manipulatives and chalkboards with tiny real chalk! And what would a teacher be without students? Children for Homeschool Barbie™ are available in a variety packs of seven girls & boys ranging in age from four to ten, in your choice of matching or non-matching outfits. (Cloth-diapered infants & toddlers sold separately.)
Have a sweet day, all you homeschoolers! As I write this my two oldest are sweating through their Portuguese test. They're not doing so hot.