Doing the Ten Day "Intimacy" Challenge: Ten Straight Days of Sex

Having sex frequently is good for your marriage. To put it in a way that I hope will be more thought-provoking than obnoxious, treating sex like a chore is good for you. Sex seen as household task, as something done as maintenance, is most salutary.

When wifey and I make a point of having sex frequently and regularly, we like each other more. We plan better. We consider each other's points of view better. We sympathize. We empathize. We're more patient. We're more giving. And so on and so forth ad nauseum.

For realz, yo.

I cannot emphasize this enough: we don't have lots of sex when things are going well; things go well when we have lots of sex. We've had that conversation: "things are so difficult/stressful/distant/busy right now, we need to be more conscious about having sex".

In view of all the benefits of frequent sex, we're going to do this 10 Day Intimacy Challenge from One Flesh Marriage. And we recommend it to you. Gimmicky? Pinteresty? Yes. Awesome? Also yes. Ten days leading into Valentine's Day.

Watch the video. It gives ten reasons to do the challenge. Wifey and I watched it together and found that it largely mirrored our experience. More sex is relationally salutary.

The blog post itself also gives links to talking points from hubby to wifey and vice versa.

I fly past the border of Braggadocio and into its heartland when I say that we've had some great periods of sex in our marriage, especially (!) as we've gotten older and better at marriage. But I can say with confidence that we've never done ten days in a row. It will be a legitimate challenge. And well worth doing.


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