Confusion In The Ranks

There's a big (for us) gap of four years between our last two children. Ward, who's five, has been great, but is still adjusting to having a nearly one-year-old girl wandering around.

The three boys are always creating and dissolving and recreating armies, with ranks and commanders et al. You know, like you did when you were a boy. On the way to the car I had this conversation with Ward.

"Dad, I'm the second lowest rank in this family, but Mara's the very lowest, because she's youngest. What rank am I?"

"It doesn't really work that way. The family doesn't have 'ranks'. I guess if it did all the kids would be the same rank."

"But Joffre's the commander, so what am I?"

"That's not in the family. In the family, all the kids are the same rank."

So he accepted that. And as they clambered into the car I heard him announcing something to the others.

"Hey. Hey. Hey. Mara's a full bird colonel. The rest of us are snipers!"