Common Core: How To Count By Fives

This mother kicks butt in four short minutes.

When I was a kid I hated showing my work. Who didn't?

I can only imagine what a nightmare my schoolboy math classes would have been had I been of school age today. The example this mother takes from the Common Core curriculum is absolutely mind-boggling. The sort of thinking shown in her example is already embedded in American government education, I see it every day when I tutor children. Common Core is a logical progression from Horace Mann's vision of educating children strictly to be good workers to today's "college prep" robots.

Want to amaze a lot of humans? Stand at a cash register and do change in your head. Blows their minds.


  1. well now its to the point that you can fail.... not because you "didnt show your work" but because the work you showed, although still leading to the correct answer, isnt the work you were told to present.

    a few years back, 10 to be exact, i was put on my university's academic probation because i cussed out a professor who wouldnt give me credit for several problems on a test (it resulted in a failing grade) because the work i showed wasnt "what he taught", even though the stipulation/directions simply stated "solve the equation".

    than can be no true ingenuity in education today, i excelled in math, but loathed the tediousness of all the "work". and once i finished my math requirements in highschool, i simply took the easiest math class that would give me credit towards my degree. today's method of math education robbed me of a desire to build a rocket and send it to the moon, or predicting economic booms and busts... i can only imagine what it is doing for other students in all of educations fields.

  2. i meant *i was put on behavioral probation*... probably because i was being a rebellious little "robot" and needed to be properly reprimanded... or possibly because i was immature and not the most tactful individual..


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