6 Favorite Breakfast Beers

Today is Saturday. That means it's beer for breakfast day (although I certainly endorse beer for breakfast whenever it's delightful). This very morning I was over at my awesome Mexican neighbor's house, enjoying some Bud Lights with him. He and his friends made the Bud Lights delicious, but I thought I might make a list of beers that can be enjoyed with or without Mexican neighbors, on any given morning.

Behold my recommended breakfast beers.

Guinness Draught (ABV 4.2%). I don't have to tell you what Guinness is like. It is pure and clean and good. And it has a low ABV, so go ahead and have a big breakfast. This is not the best breakfast beer on this list, but it might be my favorite. Will you allow that distinction?

Deschutes Black Butte Porter (ABV 5.2%) is a little lighter of body than some porters, but has a nice salty and toasted malt flavor with a slightly chocolaty finish. It's the sort of porter where the smokiness/toastiness sometimes transitions into a smoked ham note. Which isn't always nice. But that tendency will serve you very well when it accompanies some scrambled eggs, skillet-fried ham, and toast.

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon (ABV 7.25%) is a triple-hopped IPA of might flavor and body. It's got a big coaty mouthfeel, a floral aroma, and a very present but very balanced fruity-floral-forest flavor. It's got more of a juicy (but not sweet) than bitter finish. On a morning where you might have sliced open a grapefruit, pop one of these instead.

Oskar Blues Old Chub (ABV 8%) is a winey (like wine) and malty Scotch ale. It is slightly sweet with a finish that includes a pleasant little alcohol burn. This one's a sipper, and would be especially nice with some steak and eggs.

Duck Rabbit Bourbon Barrel Milk Stout (ABV 5.8%). I can recommend Duck Rabbit's regular ol' Milk Stout as a fine breakfast beer, but it pales in comparison to this. Laced with vanilla, oak, and bourbon notes, with a creamy sip and a bitter finish, this makes for a nice breakfast all on its own.

Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout (ABV 11.2%) is riquísimo. Where some of the beers on this list are great with breakfast, this beer is your breakfast. It's a heavy syrupy mouthfeel (without being super-sweet) Imperial stout that just coats your mouth past the epiglottis into your delighted esophagus and stomach. It has added coffee and vanilla, with a present but not overpowering chocolate note. And it's aged in bourbon barrels, which, with the Imperial ABV of this thing, can make you feel like you're drinking a coffee liqueur. I could go on and on about this beer. I have the adjectives lined up. But I'll stop. Just buy it and have one for breakfast.


  1. I'm not one for fruit beers, but if I'm gonna have beer at breakfast, it will likely be a Sweetwater Blue.


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