Roast Beef & New Wine

Today is Martinmas. I only found out today, so don't feel bad.

Both Martin of Tours and Martin of Umbria, who are celebrated today, suffered food deprivation before they were martyred.

Therefore in England Martinmas is celebrated with lots of beef and new wine. Not a bad way to spend a Monday evening. Do it if you still have time.


  1. Hey! We inadvertently celebrated with just this!

    It's Remembrance Day up here, which usually trumps all else--and in this part of the country everything is closed, no work, no school, no stores. I knew it was St. Martin's Day, but didn't know the beef connection.

    We had a few friends over after Remembrance Day Evensong tonight for roast, yorkshire puddings and some wine. Tally-ho!

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    1. Sadly, I forget where I snatched this picture from...I was just looking for an image of roast beef. *wince*


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