Hillsong United Big League Worship Is Coming!

Like local megachurch NewSpring did last week, Hillsong is renting out the Bi-Lo Center, the big sports arena in Greenville, South Carolina. Well, not Hillsong MegaChurch & Personality Emporium, the church per se. This is Hillsong United, their travelling band.

I would say that if you had to buy tickets, it's not a worship service, but a concert. But our worship services are already concerts, so I suppose it's not that big a deal. I mean, I can truly worship God even if I just payed out $30 to Ticketmaster and some "worship band" from Australia. Right?

Did you know that Hillsong United is "committed to creating a musical expression that is almost uncomfortable in its uniqueness..."? That's pretty committed to life-changing radical worship music. That's exactly the kind of music that is suited for corporate expression, because while the band sings you can close your eyes and raise your hands.

I think I understand now.

It's called a "worship night" not because it is a gathering of God's people in corporate worship, but because it's a show by a band genrefied as a worship band. Worship bands do worship nights, which are semi-singalong concerts.

Just like our worship services.

So everything's fine. The professionals are handling it.

Sorry to flip out, everyone. As you were.

A Hillsong worship service concert.

A Hillsong United worship night concert.