When Midwives Become Witches

Midwifery is a noble calling. We've had a doula or midwife at four of our five births. The last two births were at home under the care of excellent Upstate South Carolina midwife Elizabeth Randolph. She is strong, competent, thoroughly educated, and very experienced. We have felt very safe in her hands, even during the more difficult birth of our fourth child.

More and more people around the country are turning to midwives, and so more and more women are being trained and apprenticed in this noble, ancient, and wholesome art. Midwives go out as missionaries and charitable workers, saving lives from Mexico to Afghanistan to South Africa, helping to restore and legitimize a calling that statist modern medicine had pushed to the fringes.

But now that the American state finds itself struggling to regulate midwifery away, it is making an unholy pact with witches and the devil. Oh, you thought I was going to say with midwives. No, they've made covenant with witches and the devil. Well, let me go back. They're treating with midwives. Who are witches.

What, you didn't know that midwives are witches? Historically, many were. Wiccans and open pagans will tell you that the New Testament prohibition against "witchcraft" uses the word pharmakeia, one who uses poisons and drugs. So, they say, it's not what we call witchcraft, it's pharmaceutical work. In a way, that's a load of bollocks, because it casts a modern eye back, pretending that potion-makers didn't fall under the category of witch then simply because they don't today. But in a way, they're quite right. Potion makers is what witches are. Potion-makers, poisoners, and deceivers. Poisoners and deceivers in league with the devil, whether there's ectoplasm and levitation involved or not.

Much has been made of the connections between midwives and witches in Christendom, and for good reason. There were many many many good midwives throughout medieval Europe. There were also hags, witches, and wild women hiding in groves and back alleys, hunting pennyroyal, hemlock, and mandrake root, making potions to poison babies. These women are still with us today, both the midwives and the witches. And many of these women, the good and the wicked, live in California.

Now witchcraft is becoming law in there.

From October 9th on, there will be in California midwives, and witches calling themselves midwives. Governor Edmund Brown has signed seven bills regarding "women's health" into law.
The Governor signed the following bills today:

• AB 154 by Assemblymember Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego) – Permits a nurse practitioner, certified nurse-midwife or physician assistant, who completes specified training and complies with specified standardized procedures or protocols, to perform an abortion by aspiration techniques during the first trimester of pregnancy.
The result of "aspiration techniques" in a modern clinic.

And so California and the United States fall deeper into their compact with Satan. Do not be deceived. All these things are happening around you, and they are not simply "social" or "moral" issues. They are ancient evils. They're the same evils that give you the creeps when you watch the wrong movie or walk down the wrong dark road. Abortion is the work of devils and murderers, even when it happens in a clinic with a vacuum tube.

Yes, even under the smell of ammonia and ether.

Many are called to combat this evil directly. Pray to God for their success and the downfall of their enemies. But that is not what all the Church is called to do in the face of these evils. It falls to very few to hunt witches. To most of us falls the better task, the be freemen and goodwives in God's good kingdom. To build a kingdom where darkness flees the light.

O Christians, and O women, will you not do good for us? Have children. Many children. Become midwives and old wives and wise women and prophetesses. Teach your daughters to be wives and midwives. Give us, O women, the Hebrew women, who saved God's people from out under the devil's nose.