Review of Semilla Cubana No 10, Gran Reserva

A friend hooked me up with a couple of new cigars. Semilla Cubana No 10, Gran Reserva. If you go to their website you'll see they're about to launch, but they're not quite out yet.

This is a picture of me with a churchill, which, given my size, is the correct cigar for me.

The Gran Reserva is a good little smoke, and I say that in the best possible way. I often enjoy a punchy cigar, a cigar with a big, spicy, aggressive smoke. This is not that. But it is a very enjoyable smoke.

The churchill was well constructed, with a cedary odor before lit. It smokes with a medium-light body, with a salty cedar flavor very lightly touched with pepper.

I had some rum to accompany the cigar, and that combined very nicely, although it would have gone best, I think, with a peaty scotch.

The Gran Reserva is a well-crafted example of what it was designed to be, an easy but mature smoke. If it were a beer, it wouldn't be your belgian or big IPA, but something like a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. That is, mature and worthy of attention, but not so aggressive as to alienate casual drinkers/smokers. This is a good every-weekend smoke, or a good cigar to share with friends.

I did a video review of this cigar on my YouTube channel, I include it below if you're into that kind of thing.

Happy smokes, y'all.