One Group That Loves Families With Lots Of Kids

First, a rant. I couldn't help it. Scroll down to the divider to find out who loves families with lots of kids.

The other day I came across an absolutely wonderful post happily titled Fecundophobia: The Growing Fear of Children and Fertile Women by Mollie Hemingway. The article seems to have been provoked in her by some insulting things said about and to San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers in the press. Rivers has seven kids with his wife (I say "with his wife" because, as Hemingway points out, it is not unusual for an NFL player to have seven kids, only to have them by one woman).

Go on over and read the post, it's well worth the read.

People do react with fear to the fertile. Many many in our rich and decadent society hate their lives, and hate life. They are selfish and self-absorbed, and want their selfishness protected. We the breeders obviously think very unlike them; when they see our kids they rightly feel threatened. These breeder kids will probably end up opposing people like them when grown, and they know it.

Strange tensions and contradictions are created by these living dead. People say things like, "Philip Rivers is an intense weirdo...and he’s also about to have his seventh kid. There are going to be eight people with Rivers DNA running around this world." Like having all those kids is an act of selfishness. Well, it is, to them. This is why I call them the living dead. Even in a godless world it's not weird to have many offspring and then care for them as they grow; it makes sense in an evolutionary framework. But this is not about life. It's about living, and living selfishly. It's not cool, guy, to ruin our party by throwing all these kids up in here. We breeders are farting on the dance floor of the Titanic.

This hatred toward children and breeders is all instinctive, too. Economically, we need more kids to grow up and help us sustain our imperial standard of living. But the living dead recognize that these kids will grow to be more of a threat than an aid to their way of life.

Okay, enough ranting.


This post wasn't even supposed to be about the living dead. It's supposed to be about the living. I just wanted to get up on this blog and mention one group of people who never ever react negatively when I say that I have five kids. Never ever ever. These people love kids, and love that we have five.

Churchgoers? No. Homeschoolers? Not always. The rich? No. The poor? No. Rednecks? Hispanics? Paglian feminists? No, no, and no. Moms? Dads? Nope.

Children love that we have children. They might be surprised, but they always love it. The teams I coach, the kids I teach, the children I meet at church, the homeschooled and government schooled, the neighborhood kids and the kids in the supermarket. Children love that we have lots (what a relative term, five seems like few when we look at our friends!) of kids because it means that we love children.

I think the effect is increased because I'm a man. Women react better to seeing me out with all the kids than they do to seeing my wife out with all the kids. It's dumb, but there it is. It's melancholy when I see it in kids, though. They are so used to seeing fathers who are checked out or have abandoned their families that seeing a man who obviously wants to be a dad astounds them.

There is a deep-seated anger coursing through our society's heart because unloved and abandoned children are growing up into rage machines. When a child sees a family with lots of children, they see people who love people like them. Who see them not as burdens, but as gifts.

Let the haters hate. You should go make some more babies. And when you do, do it for the children.


  1. Our landlord insisted on letting the flat to a family with kids! He wanted there to be some LIFE in his house - we were thrilled!
    A rare thing nowadays.



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