What To Say If Your Woman Doesn't Like Your Beard

Does your woman object to your beard? The attitude you must have is like that of a rugby player. But what to say to your sweet objet d'amour? Let not only the attitude, but the very words of a rugby player guide you.

There's that ol' kiwi folk song, you know, the one about logging and pig-hunting and rugby, goes a little something like this:

Well they've finished off yer forwards, and yer backs are wearin' thin,
And the second spell's half over and you've forty points to win,
And this hulkin' wing-three-quarter's got his teeth stuck in your shin,
Well don't worry mate, she'll be right.
You won't worry who's the loser when you meet down at the boozer,
So don't worry mate, she'll be right.

Hooker Liam Coltman
Three rugby players for New Zealand's Otago club are growing out their beards, which are to be shaved for charity at the end of the season. These are some pretty burly-looking beards at this point.

Kieran Moffatt
Kieran Moffatt never grew out his beard before this year, and his girlfriend is having difficulty coming to terms with the beardness. Moffatt tells us about that in inimitable South Pacific style:
While Moffat has enjoyed the attention and banter among his mates, he said his girlfriend would happily be his No 1 sponsor to get rid of it by the end of the ITM Cup. 
''She's not a big fan, but she'll be right.''
Yeah, she will. She's a strong woman.

I can only encourage you, sir, to do the right thing for you and your wife/girlfriend/worthy lady. If she objects to your beard look her right in the eyes, run your fingers through your chinly man-grove, and tell her

"She'll be right."