Things You Don't Find In Children's Books Anymore: Tobacco

Here, word for word, is a post from a favorite blog, The Blog According To John. I could find no way to condense it. In order to make up for such highway robbery, I will try to drive traffic his way. I urge you to check out his theologically vivacious blog (ooh, theologically vivacious, that's nice).
The post:
There are things you don’t find in children’s books written in the last few years.  First, a passage from the book I just finished reading to my kids, Arthur Catherall’s Ten Fathoms Deep, an exciting story about a salvage tug boat off the shores of Singapore in the 1940s or so:
“Hudson rolled a cigarette.  One thing he had forgotten when he had returned to Singapore was to get in a further supply of cheroots, so he was reduced to smoking native tobacco, and making his own cigarettes” (p. 135).
Second, a page from the great Edward Ardizzone’s Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain: