Once Again, It's Not The Drinking, It's The Abuse

Immodesty is a bit like pride, in that it's higher up the org chart than many things we name sins. There are things in Scripture we believe are about one thing, but turn out to be about another: modesty.

Here is an example of one such verse, preached on with misguided verve. Lists like "The Seven Deadly Sins", or Augustine's writings on pride, or studies of virtues and vices with names that could be capitalized, are helpful in getting past law to grace. Naming fundamental sins is actually a way to avoid being a spice-pincher.

If anything, this verse should inspire a sermon against the use of rufies.


  1. I really find this obsession with "non-alcoholic beverages" weird.
    Is that something american-fundamentalist? I just don´t get it.


    1. It's the result of the perfect storm that led to Prohibition: feminism combined with religious fundamentalism. What a chimera!


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