Gorgeous Hipster Beards Sinking Schick & Gillette

According to MSN Money, disposable razor giants are blaming hipster America for dragging down sales by as much as 10% in one year in Schick's case. "The [research] group says hipsters have helped create a 'vogue for stubble' and a 'growing acceptance of the unshaven look in the workplace..'" Jason Notte of Money waxes poetic:
Hope you really like that handlebar mustache and set of pork-chop sideburns, Mr. Vest-Clad Washboard-Playing Mixologist, because they're killing multinational corporations' bottom lines. 
Sneer from atop your fixed-gear bike and try to drown it all out with original 7-inch vinyl Happy Mondays singles, but your wall of feeble aesthetic stereotypes shouldn't prevent you from bearing the blame for lost profits on your plaid, suspender-laden shoulders.
Read the entire article, it's well worthwhile. It's worth noting, however, that the author doesn't buy in to the whole everyone's-growing-beards-now whine. The problem is that for years razor companies have been making more complex and expensive razors...that are disposable. Alternative razor sources are being found. Simpler razors. Non-disposable razors. After all, "the penchant for reclaimed and sustainable goods just happens to be a hipster stereotype that's true."

In honor of these men who are changing the face of business, here a few sweet hipster beards.