Rugby Beards of 2013

It's only July, but the European leagues are long done, and Super Rugby is drawing to a close. The Lions completed their tour, and autumn internationals approach. I don't think it's too early for Rugby Beards of 2013.

Geoff Parling of Leicester Tigers and England won the Beard Liberation Front's Sexiest Beard of 2013. I think that's pretty weak sauce. It's just a regular ol' beard, with only the awesomeness that is incumbent to every man's beard. One hopes he'll do better as he gets older.


His Leicester teammate and Italy prop Martin Castrogiovanni did much better, as ever doing up his beard in good front-rower style. 


Adam Jones of Wales is, like Mr. Castrogiovanni, a prop, and wears his beard as such.

John Muldoon of Connacht had to combat accusations that his beard had jinxed his team. The Irish and their ruddy cheeks are not well-equipped as a nation to accept great beard.

But the Scots are. Here is Jim Hamilton of Gloucester and Scotland.

Joe Marler's is the last of the European beards, before we move off to the southern hemisphere. Yet another front-rower.

Luke Watson captained the Southern Kings through much of their inaugural Super Rugby season. And made the cover of this magazine. His beard is so thick and lush one suspects airbrushing.

But it's still pretty lush au naturel.

Rene Ranger is back in good form this year, on the pitch and in follicle. Hair more under control, beard more excellent.

Finally, to close this post down, an homage to front-rowers and the Highlanders of New Zealand. Well done the Highlanders, with Liam Coltman, Andrew Hore, and Jamie McIntosh.