"Parents of Sunburned Children Should Be Referred to Social Services"

"Children who get severely sunburnt should be referred to social services, according to campaigners."

The Brits are a pretty pasty people. They have organizations like the Melanoma Action & Support Scotland, which believes that one bad sunburn will triple your chance of skin cancer.

And if you get skin cancer, you know what that means? It means all the money we spent on you was a waste.
"It's not sexual abuse and you're not hurting them there and then but you're making their vaccination programmes and the money spent on their education pointless if they get melanoma and die from it.”
Sunburnt children are just like every other child: they belong to the state. You're just looking after them until they're able to contribute to society as workers. And if you don't care for this investment of the state's in the prescribed manner, there's going to be trouble for you.

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