Liking Fat Chicks Could Be Immoral

A few days ago on TheFaceBook someone posted a story about a dude who defended his "overweight" girlfriend against the rude and boorish masses when they said cruel things about their photos together. I tried to find the story again (I was able to recall that it was from a British paper), but alas, I failed. While looking for that story, however, I found a story in a Ugandan paper that told essentially the same story: Man Opens-up About Dating an Overweight Woman.

The tone of the responses to the story on Facebook were "Aw, isn't it nice that this guy is so nice?"

Both articles (again, I apologize for not having the link to the first story) assumed the easy ground that people shouldn't be mean to people, fat or not. I was very interested to see that both stories answered the underlying question most readers would have asked in the exact same way. The question is why would a regular good-looking guy date a fat chick? The men gave the same answer.

The answer is "I've always dated bigger women."

And that's my problem with this thing, but it's a problem for which modern man has no medicine. Man has no intrinsic dignity. Further, since man's only reference for morality is himself, whatever most men do is moral. Most men agree that being fat is immoral and, what is worse, unhealthy. Only the baser sort of man would stoop to mocking a fat person, but the reason they do it is anthropologically valid: fat chicks are outsiders. What possible good reason could a perfectly healthy and moral young man possibly offer for "dating bigger women"?

The only reason a man can give is the one both men did: it's just what I'm into. Because one's biological genetics are the profoundest normal there can be, and sex is biological, there's no abnormal sex.

My dating fat girls is a sexual kink. So I've always been this way. So I was born this way. So it's biological. So you can't make fun of me the way you make fun of my girlfriend.

Furthermore, and this might be a bit of stretch but I'll try, because my biological kink is liking fat girls, you should accept her too. I the normal one redeem her through my acceptable sexual kink.

So back to the reaction I was seeing as people read the story on Facebook.  "Aaaw, isn't he so nice?" No, he's not nice. At least, not about this. He's just into that sort of thing.

How 'bout a defense of your lady based on love and dignity? This is my woman, don't be an ass. This is my woman, I love her. I'd even, believe it or not, love her if she were skinny.