Press A Button & Be Done

I need coffee before coitus. It's true. I perform terribly without my morning dose of caffeine, and that's when wifey is most likely to put me to work.

I will drink coffee at home prepared in a variety of ways. I'll drink it turkish. I'll do a press. I'll do a pour-over. I'll do a plain old drip machine. I avoid the last, for reasons that will be made clear below.

So wifey pours me a press this morning.

"I hate doing the press."

"I know, baby. Think of preparing a press as making love."

"I just want to press a button and be done."

"I know, baby, that's how we make love."

Zing. Daddy wins, even if he'll be made to pay for it later.

Speaking of preparing coffee as if it were like making love, what does this delightful little poster say to us?