The Truth About the Trenta

Remember when Starbucks came out with the trenta size last year? It's huge, huge, huge. Two grandes in one cup. They only use it for tea and water-based drinks, because the prospect of that much frappuccino or milk seems unholy even to Starbucks.

It was even claimed that the Trenta was unnatural and unholy because it is larger than the human stomach.

Oh, yeah? If that's the case, what's with this awesomeness? (This was taken over a year ago, but I just got it.)



  1. I remember once becoming quite irate with a coffee bar person who insisted that I had asked for the wrong thing. They didn't have a "medium" size thing. They had "large, extra-large and grande". I said that I had asked for a medium thing because out here in the non-advertising world, that is in what I like to call "Reality," when you have three different sized things, one was the small one, another would be the biggest one, and the one in the middle would be the "medium" one. Small, medium and large. He wouldn't give me my tea until I used their words, so I started shouting about Aristotle until the manager came.

    It's hard living in The Real.

  2. You're making The Real better for others.


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