Ron Swanson on Exclusive Psalmody

I'm not an exclusive psalmody type (what is exclusive psalmody?). But I had to put together a little Ron Swanson inspiration for all Christians after reading a friend's tweet:
This evening I ate like Ron Swanson and sang Psalms like a warrior. #manlyevening

Psalms are warrior-like. Psalms are manly. I imagine that Ron prefers to sing psalms. Next someone will have to ask him his opinion of the regulative principle.


  1. Not yell...ROAR.

    ~Valerie, channeling Jim Jordan

  2. I never find myself singing in church. I'm not entirely certain why. It is a pleasure to listen to the women give their devotion in this way, but somehow the expression seems ill-suited to men.

  3. Listen to some Russian Orthodox choirs before going to mass, it might inspire you.

    Both the Scots and the English sang psalms before battles, often before they were about to hack at each other. Psalm 117 was a favorite.


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