Snuggle Time

Most dads are familiar with that classic daddy moment of having  baby fall asleep on top of them while they drowsily nap along with him.

May I endorse to you the same moment, but with your toddler instead of your infant? The moment is harder to come by, but the payoff is very satisfying.

This little guy is almost four.

Every day he randomly declares "Snuggle time!", usually when wifey and I are conferring alone in the bedroom. He's been trained to yell "Snuggle time!" from the outside, without barging in. Once we allow him in, he jumps between us on the bed and swings one arm around each parent. He considers himself to be in charge of snuggling in this family.


  1. Impressive. Mine is two, and snuggle time is confined to after he gets out of the bath (he's cold, so I wrap him in a towel, and he clings closely to me) and Sundays after church when he inevitably falls asleep on the way to lunch. He'll usually stay asleep on my wife or me through about half of our meal. Both occasions are cherished, though neither involve both parties sleeping.


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