Review of Sam Gawith's Golden Glow

Golden Glow is a straightforward pressed and aged golden Virginia tobacco.

The tobacco looks beautiful when you open the tin, but that's about the only exciting part of the experience. It's an underwhelming tobacco in every other aspect.

The tobacco is difficult to pack, which I don't mind in tobaccos with big pay-offs, but I allowed myself to be irritated by the fact that I had to shred and crumble this tobacco for what was an extremely mild smoke. The tobacco is pressed to be aged, but is not caked. Instead, it's in large, loose, almost ribbon-cut sections. Basically, big chunks of leaf. More than once leaf stem has interfered with my packing and smoking.

The flavor is very mild, with a light acridity that is not at all unpleasant. One reviewer I read compared it to roll-your-own cigarettes, which is disappointing, but not unpleasant. It has a lightweight mouthfeel and easy-going smoke.

Some Virginias have a vinegary, Tabasco-ey profile. On the other end are woodsy, firewoody types. Golden Glow is caught in the middle of those two profiles.

So...I smoked the tin, but I don't anticipate buying any more.