Grape Candy Mustache Most Comprehensive Review Ever

My friends, I do not know how I reached the ripe old age that I have without knowing that men make candy out of wax, but I did. I bought this at an awesome little "general store" (you know, that new-fangled sort that's popping up all over, full of candy and expensive knickknacks) in downtown Greer, with the intent of doing a review. I wondered aloud about the wisdom of using the word "wax" in one's branding; it didn't seem like good marketing. My wife stared at me, rolled her eyes, and asked where I'd been my whole life.

I've been in a paradise of good candy, that's where.

The first ingredient of this stuff really is wax. Apparently people find this normal. I suppose I should appreciate another combination of mustache with wax, but I cannot.

My review of it is below. I get the kids' input.


  1. Dude. This was one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long time. Quite the social experiment. My favorite part was your daughter asking why anyone would eat wax as she meanwhile took another bite. Beautiful family.


  2. That was a pretty funny moment. I couldn't believe they were eating it!


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