Review of Pumpernickel-Caraway Belgian Ale

Catawba Valley Brewing Company's Pain Pour Nicole is a fantastic little beer, although I don't think you can get it anymore, so why are you reading this? You can visit the brewery's website here, and see what other amazing beers they brew. UPDATE: as of 4/5/12 the brewery still has the beer in stock.

The beer's name spring from an apocryphal (actually, made up) story about the etymology of the word "pumpernickel". Some people care about these things. From wikipedia:
An incorrect folk etymology involves Napoleon, who, while invading Germany, was served dark German rye bread. He wouldn't eat it and said "C'est pain pour Nicole!"... it was bread for his horse, Nicole. This story allegedly is a hoax perpetrated by a columnist and friends who, when challenged and confronted with evidence to the contrary, confessed to the fabrication...