His Love Is Serious

I would not have expected Sinead O'Connor to write one of the sexiest songs in the universe, but it seems she has. For over ten years now she has been very, how to put it, spiritually active in some fringe groups of the Roman Catholic church, but I haven't really kept track of her. I would guess that she's a big fan of the mystics, and if she is, she seems to have taken the "all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well" lesson to heart.

If there's one thing that permeates this tune besides sexiness it's contentment. And that's how I like my sexiness, thank you very much. A definitive love song about romance, domesticity, and fruitfulness. With just a touch of sexual innuendo. I'm going to have to get home quick so I can give wifey a buggy ride of her own.

(There's more to this post below the video.)

The song is 4th and Vine from the 2012 album How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? It is interesting to note, as an aside, that a Catholic church on 4th and Vine in Philadelphia was burnt down by rioters in the 1840s.

Why do I like this song so much? Because it's perfectly feminine, in praise and in love with the perfectly masculine.

This from the woman who ten years ago declared herself a lesbian, then married a man less than a year later. The contentment part doesn't seem to have quite settled in with the artist (she's been married three times since she was ordained as a priestess in a break-away Roman Catholic group). So I'm not saying she's a model, but the song certainly is.

She makes herself pretty, she knows it will "look real nice" for her man, who is sweet, gentle, kind, and "no wuss". They're going to live happily ever after, so they go down to the church and get married. They're going to have six kids, who will sing all the time because "their mama and their pa a-love them so right". And it makes her warm inside when he takes her for a buggy ride.

Aw yeah.


  1. when i first heard this song, i heard you posting this post in the back of my brain.


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