Featured Pipe Smoker: Brad Donovan

Profession: Supervisor for an oilfield heating company.

Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Years smoking a pipe: 5

Favorite blends: Because pipe tobacco is very expensive in Canada I buy my yearly ration when I visit the states. My favorite blend is the Cavendish blend from Sturmon's Smoke Shop in Boise, Idaho. It is a dark, smooth and tasty tobacco.

Favorite pipe smoker: My favorite pipe smoker would be CS Lewis, followed by General MacArthur. Two of the manliest men for sure.

How did you start smoking a pipe? I have been smoking pipe for five years. It all started when a friend and I went for a drive from Grande Prairie to Jasper for the weekend. He smoked pipe, and I had a pipe, so we smoked the whole way down. Two hours of hotboxing later, I was a confirmed pipesmoker.

What's the best thing about smoking a pipe? One of the funny things about smoking a pipe is that everyone wants to do it. I have converted pretty much everyone at work to pipe smoking. Pipe smoking is manly, glorious, heavy. God is a smoker too. Look at all the burnt offerings in Leviticus. God consumes the smoke, and it is a pleasing aroma. Being made in God's image by God means I smoke like God does. Take that, sanctimonious teetotalers!