You're Ruining Everything. You're Ruining The World.

Some people out there believe that there's nothing harmful in a little sexual fantasizing on the side. After all, if you don't actually do anything about it, where's the harm in that, know what I'm saying?

As you know, I'm in the habit on this blog of giving you advice on your sexual behavior. You might think that I'm about to take the more obvious path, a worthy path, the path of telling you why it's bad to persistently fantasize about someone besides your wife. And that's a good path, but it's not the one I'll be taking. Besides, it seems to me that most men who read this blog already know that.

Instead, I'd like to talk about how your sexual fantasizing is ruining everything for everyone.

Everything. For everyone.


I've been taking an extended break from YouTube, where I have a channel I've invested considerable energy in. This channel is part of a broad hobby "community" focused on tobacco and pipes.  People actually get to know each other, or at least each other's online personae, because they leave comments and watch each other's videos.

Unfortunately, there's a homosexual fetish out there focused on smoking, with cigars and pipes having a large role. Men who obsess over this sort of thing hover in the wings of what we call the "pipe community", leaving occasional comments or making requests of people who are new to YouTube and don't understand what's being asked of them when they receive a special request to do a video "without any talking".

This intersects with a common homosexual interest in hairy men. I'm large and bearded, so I get a lot of attention. This has been a background part of my YouTube life, and honestly, something I've had to deal with in real life since I was in college. I learn to deal with it and ignore it, but I do not like being looked at and thought of in a purely sexual way. (You know, the way we make all women live.)

Last month a young man who acted as if, and I believe actually is, he were in high school persistently pursued and sent me messages on basically all my online platforms. I had already been thinking of taking a break, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I could talk about a lot of things springing from this. About lust and obsession. About the fact that being married means nothing to these men. About how many times I've been told how close Knoxville or Charleston or Atlanta is.

Instead, I'm just going to say this. You guys are ruining it for me.

And don't think it's just the homosexual thing. I would have shut down my YouTube channel four years ago if I'd gotten that sort of attention from women, because it would have bothered my wife more. As it is, I'll probably be back on YouTube in a few weeks.

It just got too gross. It's gross to be looked at like that. It's gross to be talked at like that.

I've gotten many obscene comments. The thing is, even a comment that could be a genuine compliment, like "just wanted to say, you have an exquisite beard" is ruined. People who know me know I would actually say  that to someone's face. In pure unsexual admiration. But now I can't. Some guy ruined it.


Kimberly, my wife, just discovered Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. I'm pretty sure everyone in these United States of America already knows about this show, which has been around for a few years. Kimberly checked a couple of seasons out of the library, and she and the kids will occasionally watch an episode as part of homeschooling (yeah, that's how homeschoolers roll). She loves it. The kids love it.

She posted about it on her blog.

Then a friend of hers kind of mentioned to her on the side, "Kim, you know know...a lot of women are obsessed with this guy. It's like a big sexual thing..."

[caption id="attachment_9587" align="aligncenter" width="294" caption=""Yeah it is.""][/caption]

And it's true. The host of the show is a chisel-chinned blue-collar demi-god. To the point where Mike Rowe is asked in an interview is there any chance you'll stop having sex with my wife in her dreams? (btw, I courageously googled "sex mike rowe" to find the preceding link, and once again, "bears" are a common occurrence in those search results)

Guess what, ladies? You're ruining it for her. She still watches and enjoys, but now your base fantasies taint her enjoyment. She can't talk about it with her friends without that idea being in the background. She can't post about it on her blog without that idea being in the background. Whether the people she's talking to know it or not, she knows that there are people who are straight up lusting after this guy. She may not be one of those people, but their presence affects what was once an innocent, pure enjoyment.


It's hard to tell which comes first. Is it thinking it's okay to privately fantasize about someone who's not your wife, followed by thinking it's okay to publicly talk about sexual fantasies? Or did the ubiquity of public lust and pornography make it okay to bring private fantasy into the marriage?

Regardless, we are aware that lust is no longer shameful. Men and women are not ashamed to show their lusts, in their distinctive ways, in the broadest cultural settings.

For many's the generation (you know, since Victorian times), adults mourned the bittersweet passage out of sexual innocence. There was something beautiful and pure and magical about being able to perceive things through gender but not through sex, to be able to see something beautiful for what it was. Then you grew up, and that part of your life was over*. This becomes much more poignant, in fact, it moves into bitter, in our age.

We want to fuck everything.

That obsession ruins our eyes. And when we ruin our eyes, we ruin the world. We're no longer able to enjoy it in all its beauty; we're no longer able to enjoy it at all.

And if you're always talking about your lusts, you're ruining beauty for the rest of us.

*This is one of the reasons childhood has become sexualized. The world is sexualized, how could children and childhood escape from that?


  1. The problem with our minds in as the saying goes, "garbage in; garbage... stays in."
    Okay, that's not really how the saying goes but it is how our minds work. It is why I don't watch anything rated R. I'm trying to enlighten, not taint, my mind. Ultimately, all that stuff rattling around in my head becomes who I am.
    Who I am will one day be judged by a perfect master.

  2. My feeling is that you could be blaming society for a problem that really has to do with your own relationship to society. You say public lustfulness is ruining people's appreciation of beauty, but I fear you are over-hyperbolizing, the fact is that you feel it's ruining yours, and there are also some other people who this might be true of. I'm married, and personally, I do not feel that I appreciate beauty any less as a result of anything you've mentioned in the article above. And I have been "hit on" rather heavily by men as well. I just took it as a compliment and moved on, not letting it affect my enjoyment of anything else. Being stalked online is another thing. Shutting down your account is probably a good idea. But I don't see why everything has to be ruined.

  3. It's the inappropriate sexuality that impinges on others. A compliment is a compliment, and that's fine.

    But the biggest "everything has to be ruined" isn't for me. It's that the person who is consumed by lust, and such people exist, can't enjoy anything. They are always overcome with lust. They are unable to perceive the world in a healthy way.

    And yes, I am hyperbolizing at times. Reductio ad absurdum.

  4. Who or what defines what is inappropriate? The Bible?

    If a person is overcome with lust, and cannot appreciate anything else because of it, they can seek therapy for sexual addiction. That is their problem, and need not affect us at all.

    If you are married, then you are probably aware that the focus of marriage is within, that there is a core bond between you and your wife that ought not be affected by what is outside of it. Your own ability to appreciate beauty and sexuality is critical to the maintenance of that core, so nothing coming from outside of the relationship should be able to completely derail it. No comments, secret stalkers, no people who think Mike Rowe is sexy. No one talking about their lusts should affect your appreciation of beauty. The spiritual gift of being able to appreciate beauty is too wonderful to let some horny dudes defile it. Nothing should be able to ruin it.

  5. We want to f*** everything

    And that, I'm afraid (quite literally afraid), is what is really at the root of the abortion/contraception debate. It's not really about freedom, not really about "choice", not really about women's rights, not really about the Church's supposedly oppressive and outdated rules. As one of the so-called "defenders" of the right to choose so bluntly put it, "we want to f*** who we want, how we want, and when we want."

    The unspoken, and much longer, second half of that statement is: "and we don't want to have to deal with the consequences. We will kill the unborn (or even the partially born), defile the young, and completely objectify and debase others in order to have our consequence free orgasms. Furthermore, we refuse any financial responsibility for any of this. We will take your money, by force, if necessary, to pay for the killing, defilement, and debasement necessary to avoid the consequences of our actions."

  6. Mark, nothing I've talked about has "completely derailed" my relationship with my wife. And I said nothing in my post that suggested my relationship with my wife was impacted in any way by this.

    In my opinion you did hit the nail on the head when you said this has to do with my relationship with society.

    No one's reality is purely individual. Reality is perceived, at least to some extent, communally. What I am saying is that my community, my society, is oversexualized. Things that shouldn't be about sex are.

    That's all. Nothing to do with my relationship with my wife.

  7. You were probably just getting to me with your hyperbole, but I was specifically referring to the quote where you said "you're ruining beauty for the rest of us." As someone who attempts to create beautiful art, it disturbed me to think that someone's ability to appreciate beauty could be affected at all by someone else's sexuality.

    Personally I am not too concerned about the extent of sexualizing, or even fetishizing. The acceptance or promotion of abuse and degradation does concern me however. I even think there's an enormous difference between pornography that depicts two individuals enjoying each other and pornography that depicts abuse.

  8. I also struggle with this debasement in the pipe smoking community. It saddens me, but I feel called ( as a Catholic) to share and witness to our brothers and sisters.


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