International Pipe Smoking Day 2012

Today is February 20th, which means that it's International Pipe Smoking Day, that popular holiday of holidays! Here in the United States it's also Presidents' Day, which isn't even a real holiday. Officially it's Washington's Birthday, and since he was a tobacco planter, perhaps the best way Americans can honor him is by celebrating IPSD.

If there's a pipe anywhere in your house, fill it with a fine tobacco and smoke it, ideally with a friend. This is, after all, about the fellowship of the briar.

My brother-in-law is in town. We'll be hanging out on the porch, he smoking from his hefty Duca Carlo bent billiard, I likely smoking from an elegant Canadian-style Savinelli. We might be smoking Chocolate Manhood, we might be smoking something we pick up at Sir Tom's Tobacco Emporium. But one thing's for sure: we'll take a moment to lift our pipes to the brotherhood of the briar.

Please make a point of stopping by your local tobacconist today. He and George Washington thank you for supporting their business.