Bill Dabney & His Martial Mustache Dead

Bill Dabney was the consummate Marine. He died at age 7o on February 15th of this year. He was the son-in-law of legendary Marine Chesty Puller, whom we have mentioned on this site as not only a great Marine but also a dedicated pipe smoker.

Colonel Dabney is receiving plenty of ably delivered homages from those who should deliver them: his fellow Marines.

Meanwhile, will honor him in the same way we honor Chesty. Chesty for his pipe. Colonel Dabney for his mustache.

His mustache, people. This thing is the ultimate martial mustache. Robust, with a dash of Marine Corps swagger. This photo was taken at Khe Sanh, where he and his Marines were isolated and under siege on Hill 881 South for weeks on end. Long live the mustache.


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