Albert Einstein's Revelation

A Lotte Jacobi photo of Albert Einstein, whose personal tobacco blend was called "Revelation".

Hat tip to Bruno de Figueiredo.


  1. Anyone know where he purchased his blend from. There are quite a few "Revelations" out there.

  2. I don't know. If you search online there are several claims about whose Revelation is Einstein's.

    From the way Bruno talked about it, and from the results that seem most reliable, I think it was actually a house blend at his local tobacconist in New Jersey.

  3. Yow yow! Albert, this is the sexiest picture of you I've ever seen.
    Do you see that open collared shirt, the mussed hair, and cute laugh lines around the eyes?....or maybe it's because he's smoking a pipe.

  4. Bruno says: "C&D's Epiphany, or so they say."


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