Some Pipe Tobaccos Taste Like Food

Some pipe tobaccos are reminiscent in some way of a food, particularly when it comes to smell. Rattray's Marlin Flake, for example, reminds one strongly of dried figs. The scent of many Virginia/Periques, in fact, brings to mind figs, pears, or plums. Some straight Virginias smell of hot pepper sauce. Some of my viewers on YouTube recently mentioned tobaccos that smelled of ketchup, barbeque, and new sneakers. We're talking about straight tobaccos, mind you, not aromatics, which have flavored casings added (so that of course Boswell's Berry Cobbler smells of berries). Things get weirder when a tobacco turns out to taste like a food, and some of the flavors make it even weirder than that. It makes sense to a wine or beer drinker that a tobacco would taste like pepper, or some fruit. It's a whole 'nother thing to discover that a tobacco tastes like Tabasco sauce or a hunk of roast beef.
Here's a short list of pipe tobaccos I think taste like food, or that commenters to my video below think taste like food.
In no particular order:

  • G. L. Pease Jack Knife Plug: peppered roast beef.
  • G. L. Pease Triple Play: iced tea (not sweet tea).
  • Samuel Gawith XX Kendal Twist: beefsteak.
  • Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake: unsweet hot chocolate.
  • Peterson University Flake: oysters (this was from a reader; I'd always thought "the sea", but oysters definitely flies).
  • McLelland Christmas Cheer 2011 tasted of HP Steak Sauce.
  • Solani Sweet X: fruit basket.
  • Milan Tobacco's Honey Smoke: S'mores (it's a flavored tobacco, but is included because of the surprise).
  • Cornell & Diehl Da Vinci: plums.
  • Davidoff Royalty: bacon.
  • Gauntley's Spiced Turk: Turkish delight.

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