How To Say Blah Blah In Several Languages

The other day my wife asked me how one said "blah blah blah" in Portuguese. She rejoiced to hear that "blah blah blah" in Portuguese is "blá blá blá", which kept it simple. There are other ways to express the same idea, just as in English we have "yadda yadda yadda". "Patati patatá", for example conveys the same idea in Portuguese, with a slight dose of "and so on and so forth", which I suppose is better than a straight "blah".

When wifey asked her question, I enjoyed thinking about the overlaps and differences that must exist in such things across languages. I thought I might research how to say "blah blah blah" in different languages and share the results with you. There is no guarantee of exhaustiveness or even accuracy. This is simply the fruit of search engines. Enjoy.

English: blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda
Portuguese: blá blá blá, patati patatá
Spanish: bla bla bla, tal tal y tal
French: ble ble ble, et patati-et-patata
Japanese: pera pera, nantoka nantoka no nantoka
Mandarin: děng děng děng děng
Korean: eojjeogu jeojjeogu

And so on and so forth. I'm sure the list could be exhaustive, but then it would be exhausting. Right now it's cute and informative, so I'll stop here. The one I would most hate to have deployed against me would be the Mandarin, because it sounds like the word "dung" being shot out in rapid fire. It would be a little intimidating.

If you know any others, or if you have something to say about the current short list, leave a comment.

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