From Currere, To Run

An excursion is a movement outward from an axis, a deviation from a course, a course of its own. This blog was going to be essais on Christian virility, essays, assays, attempts, sallyings forth from the sally port of blog on to the battlefields of discourse. Instead, for now at least, the theme of The Giant blog is "excursions in Christian virility".

To course is to move along a path, to travel in a particular direction. A course is an adopted path, progress, or procedure, a progression or succession.

A corsair travels the seven seas looking for gain to be ill-gotten. A courser bears its rider swiftly from the sea to  his safe tower. A cursor marks your position as you write along the line. Cursive flows sweetly and easily from one place to the next.

An incursion is a raid, an invasion, a sudden seizing and plundering. An excursion is a running out, perhaps on a road with many curves.

To occur is to run into the way, a collision between your course and another. To incur is to bring the path down on one's self. To recur is to walk the path again. Recourse is running back to the safety of your protector.

Discourse is the unfolding of an idea, the logical path of an argument, and the give and take from one to another that an argument needs. Intercourse is the sweet back and forth and back and forth of human interaction.

I will run the gamut of all these ideas, this same idea.


  1. You captured the ephemeral, you balanced on the line between easy to read but not worth reading and worth reading but too hard to make the effort. Props for making me think with my whole mind and wishing there was more to read both at the same time. Such a rare quality.


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