"She Chose To Be Pregnant"

We no longer honor women who choose to sacrifice themselves to bring children into the world. This article is written by a woman in Sydney, Australia, but it could just as well be here in the U.S.

This woman is eight months pregnant, and this is an short excerpt of her description of how she is treated when she rides the subway.
Not even those in the priority seats which are clearly marked for "those less mobile" glance around to see if their spot is needed by, say, someone carrying another human being around inside their body.

I find it disappointing that it's often young women who seem most determined to ignore the fact I look like I might topple over or faint at any minute as they giggle away on their phones. You wait sister, you'll find out what it's like one day.

That's not surprising to me at all, although I do understand why it's more disappointing. Some of the poison I've heard pour out of people's mouths when they speak of pregnancy and having children has been downright vitriolic. If you choose to define everything selfishly and individualistically, pregnant women are a threat to you. This is particularly the case if you're a young woman. It's like this fat waddling woman is calling me out in front of everyone.
Even commuters in the laid-back Apple Isle can't seem to contain their anger at the suggestion they should let a pregnant woman take a load off her swollen feet. A spokeswoman for Tasmania's Rail, Tram and Bus Union said that last year a Hobart bus driver asked someone to offer their seat to the woman in question. Instead of doing the polite thing and standing up, someone called out: "She chose to be pregnant."

She chose to not be selfish like the rest of us, and now she's trying to embarrass us. That's just rude.


  1. Offering your seat to a pregnant woman is one of the most manly things I can think of. I have done it on more than one occasion. Now that my wife is pregnant, I will probably be demanding someone to move their ass.

  2. When my wife was pregnant is was women and muslims who got up for her!


    1. That's great, and at the same time, too bad.


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