The Summer Joys of Shandy

A South African introduced me to the idea of a Shandy during one of my stints as a bartender. I was more than pleased to have a customer instruct me, particularly since I didn't think much of the drink at all.

I have since come to recognize that the drink has a happy place in the universe of beverages. A Shandy is very simply lager mixed with lemonade. Although the British way of doing things calls for "carbonated lemonade", I just mix in regular lemonade, at a ratio of about half-and-half.

Shandies are only delicious in the right circumstances, but once those are met the drink is absolutely delightful, mostly because the drink surprises anew every time. The drink (at least the way I make it) is certainly not dry, but between the color and the smell leading up to the first sip, it's always much drier than I expect. So I always go into this drink with a pleasant surprise.

[caption id="attachment_9043" align="aligncenter" width="266" caption="Salud, baby boy."][/caption]

I had a crappy light beer lying around the house this week. I'd bought it as a white elephant gift, but had neglected to give it away. Truth be told, I broke into the 12-pack to produce this misguided work. Today over a meal of roast chicken with black beans and rice, I introduced the wife to the Shandy. She absolutely loved it. Might be a new favorite. Sadly for her there's almost never lager in the house, but I'm sure it'll make an appearance again. And now you know about a new drink.