The Hobbit Preview Came Out Today

The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
While hammers fell like ringing bells,
In places deep, where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells.

Huzzah! The first preview of next December's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is out. There's a subtitle there, by the way, because Peter Jackson will be taking two installments to complete the story. Which I for one am very glad of.

Please note how very many pipes are lit when the dwarves gather in Bilbo's home. The pipe and pipe tobacco industry is going to have to brace itself for another infusion of college-aged pipe smokers soon.

I'm not geeking out over this the way I was about the Fellowship of Ring film before it came out. I'd call it a more mature excitement. Which is still hopping up and down, it's just not digging around all over the internet trying to discover all the juicy details.

As a celebration of the upcoming film, here's a blast from the past: an excerpt from the record I used to listen to when I was a kid.