Stop Being Skinny & Tired!

I recently did a post on the disappearance of the word "plump" as a positive descriptor, inspired by some ads for "chubby-size" clothes from the 50s and 60s. Well, these ads will blow your mind just as much. Not because you should want to be like/have one of these girls, but because it's a glimpse into a whole 'nother world, when Twiggy was just about to show people how they should actually look if they were going to follow the death-loving zeitgeist of a dying West. (Twiggy still managed to look  healthy compared to today's models.) The ads, which are to be found at Retronaut, prey on the insecurities of their target market as much as anything today, albeit in a less sophisticated and less aggressive manner.


  1. Yes women should have curves in a Degas style.

  2. I really like the plump ladies, myself, but perhaps thats becuase of that old "birds of feather" saying....


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