Pipe Smoker Calls For Pipe Smoker Boycott of Tintin Movie

Heee. Fun little video here from a pipe smoker urging other pipe smokers to boycott the new Tintin movie. I've already watched/read a couple of reviews of the film by fellow pipe smokers, and although there was universal disappointment that the great Captain Haddock wasn't seen smoking his pipe, people seemed to understand. After all, the movies for kids, blah blah blah.

Although this review is nowhere near as in depth as others, it raises an excellent point.

Captain Haddock is not seen with his pipe at any moment throughout the movie, but he apparently goes through nine bottles of whiskey. In the comics I think it's part of his drunken charm, even (yes) for kids. But the message does seem to be "hey kids, stay away from pipes but feel free to abuse whiskey!"


The irrational fear continues.

On a more fun note, hears a video of me as Captain Haddock!


  1. Another example of the strange distortions of censorship. Did you notice that they also completely excised Bachus and the Meanads from the Movie Version of Prince Caspian! We'll soon be back to bowdlerising Shakespeare! Nice Captain Haddock impression by the way!

  2. Yeah, we liked The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe well enough, but Caspian was a huge disappointment. As for bowdlerizing, it happens in my own town. There's a "fundamentalist" school in town with a very well-run theater department, very high degrees of production, train good actors, do Shakespeare in the Park. With a little bowdlerization on the side.


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